Cemetery Ridge trail at Clear Creek Metro Park

Cemetery Ridge trail at Clear Creek Metro Park

After spending the last five years exploring two states I formerly called home, Maine and North Carolina, I’ve returned to Columbus, Ohio, to reconnect with family. It’s been a frustrating, joyful, bittersweet, anxiety-inducing transition, so I’ve been calling on the one thing that has always brought me insight and peace in my tumultuous and peripatetic life; nature. Long walks in isolated, beautiful settings allow me the time and space to let my mind wander, during which I often gain clarity on subjects weighing heavily on my heart.

Those of us living in Columbus know that while the city has many wonderful things to offer, breathtaking scenery is not one of them. Coming from ME/NC, that fact has never been more apparent. That said, we have an amazing Metro Park system and an abundance of state parks within a two hour drive of Cbus. My goal is to discover the beauty that does exist around central Ohio, share my experiences with you, and inspire you to get outside, especially fellow females who may feel apprehensive about hiking alone.


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