What’s almost as fun as hiking? Kayaking!


Prepare to launch!

Prior to moving back to Ohio, my friend Julia and I made a pact that we would engage in adventurous activities together. We made good on our word this past Monday, when we went for a float down the Kokosing River near Mt. Vernon, slightly over an hour northeast of Columbus. Our drive there was nearly as exciting as the kayaking; we passed through Mt. Vernon’s adorably quaint downtown, spotted several bare bones cemeteries, and had to navigate our way around a detour. We were ready to rock n roll once we arrived at our destination, Kokosing River Outfitters.


We met up with the owner of KRO, Amy, a spry outdoorsy woman who didn’t make us feel too bad about being tardy (see above detour). We decided on a beginner’s 3-mile ride, which ended up taking 90 minutes and costing a mere $16 per person. Amy loaded up the kayaks and dropped us off at the river, promising to come look for our bodies if she didn’t hear from us within two hours.

It was a peaceful day on the Kokosing, which was surprisingly shallow considering how wet this summer has been. There was enough storage in our little kayaks for us to pack a picnic, so we pulled up to a rocky bank to dine and admire a gregarious little groundhog who stumbled out of the surrounding brush.



Lunch break!

Lunch break!

With the exception of each of us getting stuck once and having to booty-shake our way back to the current, the experience was fairly light on adventure. In retrospect we probably could have handled a more challenging section of the river, since we have each been kayaking before. That said, it was a beautiful day and Julia and I were happy for the opportunity to catch up and get some exercise. We’re looking forward to going back for one of the longer, non-beginner stretches that features class 3 rapids!

On the river

On the river

Homes along the Kokosing

Homes along the Kokosing


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